Thanks to our experience we have build some exclsive devices

Light Sorter Thanks to this device it is possible to "adjust" the decay of the light by orienting it in order to enhance the reliefs of the subject.
Polifemo Polifemo was born from the need to optimize the resources available to the modern photographic studio. Hasselblad, represents today's technological reference; using the maximum of current technology with the maximum of past technique is a stimulating mix. It is undeniable that Sinar has represented a reference in the era of aluminum.
For 30 years, "logic", in addition to constructive perfection, has brought this brand to the top of the scale of values in relation to industrial advertising photographers. Our idea stems from the concept which sees the lens as the true generator and translator of the image. The heritage of traditional optics, built according to a precise project based basically on the circle of confusion relating to the format, has proved inconsistent in the digital system.
The efficiency of the digital system imposes new parameters. The quality of Hasselblad “H” optics fulfills this role perfectly and even allows for moderate adjustments of the bodies. “Polifemo”, allows an expansion and an organic exploitation of the tools available in the modern studio. In a few seconds it is possible to transform a dynamic system such as the Hasselblad "H" system, into an efficient and complete means dedicated to reproduction or still-life, using the refined live video for correct focusing, or the adjustment of shutter speeds or apertures, directly from the “FlexColor” software.
The advantages related to the uniformity of the work, benefit a predictable and orderly production flow.
HCam B1 Camera body with sliding plate to use Canon 35mm lenses on digital backs
LED transformation of your devices   Photo Know - how has created a series of daylight LED solutions directly on the headlights in your possession. For the transformation of the windows lights we have created Aladino equipped with 3 210 watt water-cooled LEDs as for the Arri / De Sisti 2,500-5,000 w fresnel headlights, ensuring daylight emission and very low consumption.

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