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Studio and Photographic Limbo

We can offer the building of Studios and Photographic Limbo.

Each studio room we create is designed to host photographic and movie shoots, but also fashion shows or business meetings. Our service also includes a series of support processes such as the construction and preparation of sets, makeup rooms, control rooms, with assistance to the sets and to the crew of photographers and operators.

Our service uses the best equipments always in step with the times, which you can find for sale in our warehouse.

Use our Contact Form for a specific request we are glad to help your needs.

Benetton's Ventilated Limbo

"Fabrica" of Ponzano Veneto asked us for advice for the construction of a limbo dedicated to the shooting of photos and videos of animated subjects. We have therefore created 2 substantially different structures, both "suspended". This solution called "ventilated" was created on a raised base of a few cm (floating)

In this way, on the needs, a flow of hot air will be conveyed below the walking surface contributing to the comfort of the crew and reduces drying times for any retouching, thus speeding up the work.

The client Fabrica (Benetton), always striving for innovation, in this case intended to favor the "confortable work environment". Often, the mood of subjects is influenced by environmental conditions: in this case, particular care was taken to ensure that the environment is particularly comfortable and reassuring.

Also in this case Photo Know-How is present with its own skills which include the management of spaces, electrical power management, the care of the ergonomic solutions of a modern studio. Know-How that cannot be improvised or downloaded from the Internet.


Varaschin light roof shooting theatre

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