General training

Photo Know-How organizes professional technical training courses in the photographic field for its customers, for all their needs.

Starting from basic level, in order to learn how to use your camera consciously and with mastery of the instrumentation, up to reach more advanced level courses to analyze the main characteristics to carry out the profession of the photographer with high skills: the importance of light, composition in photography, the use of optics, zoom, exposure, to be able to learn to express themselves with the creation of a personal photographic project.

Training events

Over the years, Photo know-how has organized numerous events, during which were proposed topics for discussion on the future of the photographic profession and more, and new glimmers have been opened on the evolution of the profession.

This could be achieved thanks to the availability of the numerous companies with which Photo know-how has been collaborating for years, that have allowed us to introduce to our public some innovative equipment such as Hasselblad cameras, XY Imager, 360 degree cameras, our exclusive products such as Polifemo, Hcam B1 and our Light Sorter.

The new paths opened by futuristic technologies such as Augmented Reality, nor new areas of growth and development such as E-Photocommerce have not been overlooked.

Always new stimuli, always new themes proposed and deepened with the our usual curiosity and desire to be proactive.

In the section NEWS you will find an opportunity to participate in the new events.

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