Professional Photographic Material Assistance


The Photo know-how's laboratory is able to carry out repairs of professional appliances of all brands such as lenses, camera bodies, medium format, single-torch flashes, flash generators, optical benches, 16 mm projectors.

In particular, we provide technical assistance on allHASSELBLAD / IMACON scanners and, since 1970, on HASSELBLAD bodies and digital backs.
We are constantly in contact with the official laboratory in Denmark in order to better solve problems.


For all imaging professionals it is a necessity to periodically take care of photographic equipment, especially with a thorough cleaning of the sensor.
The simplest and safest way to clean your digital camera is to rely on to our laboratory which has been operating for years in the field of maintenance of delicate surfaces, and which provides this service for either CMOS or CCD sensors thanks to its specialized team, able to work with care and attention to give new efficiency to your devices.
Not only Digital backs: lenses , objectives, wells, find with us the best care to remove dust, dirt, stains, in absolute safety and with guaranteed results.


In addition, we remind you that updating the software with which you control your photographic devices is easy and often free, as well as updating the Firmware that manage the devices themselves (digital backs, camera bodies, lenses, etc). The updates add new features and compatibility with the latest computer operating systems.
For Hasselblad and Fuji we give the possibility to do such updates, simply by sending us one mail specifying what you need. If you wish to entrust us with the task of updating these devices, or any other brand, please contact us for a quote.

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